Course 50 – No.1 EFTS Malton, Ontario

Course 50 – No.1 EFTS Malton, Ontario…

EFTS first page

4 March to 26 March, 1942

EFTS second page

31 March to 8 April, 1942

EFTS third page

8 April to 18 April, 1942

EFTS fourth page

19 April to 24 April, 1942

EFTS fifth page

26 April, 1942

Training to become a pilot was not that easy. Many young recruits would died while learning to fly so did their instructors. Who were those unsung heroes who taught George Boudreau to fly?

Mr. May for most of his early training day.

Mr. Hall flew with George Boudreau once on March 13, 1942.

EFTS first page

The sequence of instructions were in George’s log book for everyone to understand.

sequence of instructions

George flew on different Tiger Moths the last one being 5883.

Information from RWR Walker database

5883 de Havilland De Havilland Canada Tiger Moth I
D.H.82C C1186
first date: 1 November 1941 – Taken on strength by No. 1 Training Command
To Leavens Brothers Aircraft in Toronto for overhaul, 10 August to 14 October 1942. To storage with No. 1 Training Command when completed. Issued from storage on 2 November 1942, delivered to No. 20 Elementary Flying Training School at Oshawa, Ontario on 4 November 1944. To Leavens Brothers again, for repairs following a Category B crash, 30 December 1942 to 3 March 1943. To No. 3 Training Command when completed. Pending disposal from 14 July 1944. To No. 1 Air Command on 15 January 1945, still pending disposal. Stored at No. 1 AHU, where it was reported with 1856:30:20 total time, 1041:10 since overhaul.
last date: February 1945 – Struck off, to War Assets Corporation for disposal

George survived his first training.

Next time we will go with George to No.13 SFTS St-Hubert.

No.13 SFTS 14 May to 28 May 1942


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